The Spring Awakening of Lake Geneva's Real Estate Market

Judy Peralta March 17, 2024

Welcome to the season of growth and prosperity in Lake Geneva! As spring heralds in new beginnings, our real estate market is reflecting the vitality of the season with some truly compelling trends. 

Market Insights: 

In February 2024, Lake Geneva's real estate market experienced remarkable activity showing significant growth compared to the previous year. Hear's a snapshot of what's been unfolding.

  • The Pace Quickens: The absorption rate has surged by over 75%, indicating properties are moving faster than ever. This is great news for sellers who are seeing their listings turn to sales. 
  • Climbing the Price Ladder: Confidence in the market is evident with a notable 52.07% rise in average list prices. Home values are on on the rise, and the demand is matching this ascent. 
  • Record-Breaking Sales:  The average sale price has taken an extraordinary lead, nearly doubling from the year before. This signals a high increase in homes in the area, making it an opportunity time for sellers. 
  • Taking Time to Transact: While the average days on the market have increased, the diversity in the market suggest that while some homes are selling almost immediately, others are taking longer to find the perfect match.

Local Events: 

It's not all about sales and listings; Lake Geneva is bustling with events that make our community an exciting place to live and visit. This March, embrace the spring season with several events. 

  • The Southeast Wisconsin Bridal Showcase is the go to for planning your dream wedding.
  • GaryCon XVI promises for days of epic gaming in honor of the legendary game designer, Gary Gygax.
  • The Spring Egg Hunt Expedition adds a touch of adventure to traditional Easter activities. 


The Lake Geneva real estate market is in full bloom, presenting lucrative opportunities for those looking to sell and exciting prospects for buyers eager to invest. With community events that add charm and spirit to our beautiful region, this is a place when lifestyle and investment go hand on hand. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or simply soak in the joy of spring, Lake Geneva is where your dream can set sail. 





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